Hello, I'm Blessing Usoro, originally from Nigeria. I studied M.Eng, Information and Network Security as a postgraduate student at UL.

I came face to face with challenges which pushed me further than I've come before, all the while working in a multi-cultural environment. I stayed on the university campus during my studies, which gave me easy and quick access to the university facilities and of course allowed me more time to focus on my work instead of commuting.

Studying at UL led me to understand that once you are a part of this community, it will support you for years to come. Outside of the classroom, I got to volunteer in Limerick City in programmes such as OpenHouse Limerick and Culture Night. I also attended several of the numerous events like International food week & Charity week. I'm happy to have been a part of the student experience, contributing as a Student Ambassador, PVA Ambassador and Class Rep. I'm looking forward to a great relationship with the UL Alumni community and UL in the future.

Email: Blessing.Usoro@ul.ie

Graduation Eyes  •  8 November, 2017  •  by Blessing Usoro

My name is Blessing, I was a student at the University of Limerick. I’ve completed my study and dissertation and I’m waiting to graduate.

There is something of a lull in my life now, and I’ve had the chance to really look back on my experience at UL - what a roller coaster it was!

There were times I thought I had finally found the good life, there were times I thought that I’d never finish my projects in time. It was both exhilarating and exhausting and for me if one can’t say that about UL then one simply did not live!

I’m a naturally quiet person, I love my space, my room at UL was so cosy. When the rain fell and was distorting my view of the Dromoe bridge from my top floor window in Thomond Village, the orange glow of the study light, all of that together created the right indoors atmosphere that really spoke to my inner introvert. Yet, I found myself a lot more outgoing at UL than at any other time in my life. When I had first arrived, there was so much happening all at once, there was a party at the Stables every other night and definitely every Friday. I met a few people who always pinged my phone telling me to come out and have fun. I remember there were a lot of Study Abroad students

I did find a regular motley crew and out of that, I took a huge leap (at the time) to join the UL Volunteer Movement. I thought I was crazy because I’d wouldn’t put myself out there like that on a regular day, but this was a new country, new school, new “me” of sorts. I participated in OpenHouse Limerick 2016 which is an architectural festival aimed at appreciating architectural excellence in an urban setting. Afterwards I volunteered for Culture Night 2016 Limerick, I helped out at a venue which hosted several performances including one from UL’s own Theatre and Performance Arts faculty. These events went really well, and I helped put a smile people’s faces without any expectations, looking back I see so much value in volunteering. I received a Silver President’s Volunteer Award for my efforts and that fact that UL had a program to encourage me, really made it worth it.

Another really fun experience was being a Student Ambassador at UL, I was part of a larger team of fellow ambassadors who tried to get keep the college spirit going throughout the campus, I never really had to meet anyone specific, but it was still strange for me because I knew many people were watching. Along with the other ambassadors I would sometimes take over the UL snapchat and Instagram for a week, one time I broadcasted live on Facebook at the International Festival. I got a lot of great feedback from the community and that’s a lovely feeling.

Being a part of the UL community was important to me, it exposed me to new experiences that I can share for a long time to come. Perhaps because I was willings, perhaps the culture swept me off my feet, one way or another you’ll be connected to this living breathing town of it’s own right the UL Campus and it’will move you like it moved me.